March 2013 Triple Demonstration

 Three demonstrations were conducted at the March meeting of the Bonsai Society of Victoria.  Members enjoyed the creation of a Juniper raft group and a Desert Ash penjing and the restyling of a large Atlantic Cedar.  Demonstrators did an excellent job as can be seen in the photos below.  Also, many thanks to the MC who along with the demonstrators provided an interesting commentary and many helpful hints for bonsai artists.

Juniper raft
Atlantic Cedar restyled

Atlantic Cedar detail

Penjing in progress
Penjing detail

Pseudolarix amabilis – Golden Larch

Several trees were also on display and a selection is shown below.

Pinus banksiana – Jack Pine

Manchurian Pear

Mauro Stemberger Workshops – June 2013

On the 23 and 24 June 2013 and in association with the BFA, the Bonsai Society of Victoria will be hosting several workshops with renowned Italian Bonsai artist and demonstrator, Mauro Stemberger.  The Society still has some places available for these Workshops.  If you are interested, details can be found in the Links section below right.  Observer positions are also available.

March Saturday Styling Review

Red Box after bushfire treatment

Native plants as bonsai was the focus for the BSV Saturday Styling Review in March 2013.  Members attending had the opportunity to review many species including eucalypts, tea trees, wattles, figs, melaleucas, banksia and olives.  One of the more unusual species was a Huon Pine group of three – a somewhat undisciplined species according to its owner but it is still alive after 30 years of care.  Members were also able to assess the effectiveness of the bushfire approach to encouraging new growth on a Red Box tree.  Photos of many of the trees at various stages of development are included below.

Mountain Ash
Red Gum
Gray Box trunk

Weeping Wattle
Coastal Tea Tree

Tea Tree

Coastal Tea Tree Group


Huon Pine Group

Bottlebrush – new planting angle?

Canadian Hemlock

Fig over BIG rock

Fig over tree stump


Agonis – before adjustment

Agonis – after adjustment 

Banksia marginata