2013 Annual General Meeting

The President of the Bonsai Society of Victoria acknowledged and recognised a successful year for the Society at its Annual General Meeting on November 25.  Significant individual contributions were acknowledged through a Life Membership Award to Susan and the Frank Hocking Award to Sally.  Thank you for your contributions.  A very successful year was noted with a shift to a new venue, good attendances at the workshop, demonstration and styling review programmes, a great Annual Show with a native tree focus, a successful beginners workshop, effective Newsletter and internet communications and the Mauro workshops.  The majority of the existing Committee were re-elected for 2014 and one new Committee member was elected.  Welcome Kerry.

AGM in progress – refreshments waiting!
Great Prizes

To add some excitement to the evening, the Committee organised a tree identification competition with a few challenges included.  Members had to match the trees with their common and botanical names.  The winner identified 11 1/2 trees out of 15 and received the red ribbon hamper shown above.  If you would like to try your hand at tree identification, a few of the trees are included below.  Tree identities will be revealed in a future post.

# 5
# 9

# 13
# 2

# 7
# 9
# 11
# 12

# 14
A very lucky member won the door prize and there was a prize draw for all those who had displayed trees during the year.
Following the AGM, members were able to catch up with other members and enjoy a great range of food and refreshments provided by members.

Members displayed several trees and some of those are included below.

2013 November Saturday Styling Review

Members gathered on the second Saturday in November for an interesting review of tree styles.  Despite the cooler weather on the day, early summer trimming and defoliation was well under way.  See examples of their work below.

Scots Pine
Fig – Little Ruby in boots

Melaleuca amoralis
Port Jackson Fig


Umbrella Tree

Kunzea ericoides
Melaleuca styphelioides
Melaleuca styphelioides – trunk detail
Black Pine
Black Pine – after a few adjustments

2013 October Monday Workshop

The October Monday Workshop was a busy occasion as members worked on their trees with guidance and assistance from experienced members. Several trees were also on display and photos are included below.

Boston Ivy
Scilla cooperi

Included below are several photos of the evenings activities.