January 2014 Native Plant Demo and Critique

The Society started its 2014 meeting program with an excellent demonstration and critique on Australian native plants.  Quentin provided great guidance on styling and care of a range of Australian plant species while John and Gerard, with help from Steve,  worked on styling and repotting of tea trees and a banksia.

BSV Members enjoying the demonstration
Two Tea Trees planted on a rock – demonstration outcome

Members also displayed many native varieties and a selection is included below.

Banksia marginata mini marg
Melaleuca rhaphiophylla


Banksia serrata

Eucalyptus polyanthemos – Red Box

Coastal Tea Tree

Prickly Paperbark

2014 January Saturday Styling Review

BSV Members kicked off the 2014 year with an interesting range of trees in various stages of development.  As is often the case, a wide range of styling options were proposed and discussed.  The “start again” option did not feature strongly but there were many suggestions for minor and major adjustments that will require further thought by the tree owners.  The contentious issues often related to pot type and colour.

Members are reminded that the 2014 February Saturday Review Meeting has been cancelled as the normal venue is not available.

Bonsai enthusiasts across Melbourne are facing a week of extreme heat over the next week and will be taking extra care to look after their trees.  Lots of water for you and your trees.

Photos of most of the trees being reviewed are included below.

Mugo Pine

White Pine
Ficus retusa


Blue Cedar

Leptospermum mesmereyes

Red Pine


Baeckea virgata