2014 April Saturday Styling Review

BSV Members enjoyed another excellent day reviewing and discussing the styling of bonsai.  All the trees were well watered after several days of steady soaking rain.  A selection of trees reviewed is included below.


Cedrus Deodar

Banksia integrafolia


Chinese Juniper

Trident Maple


Camelia in development

Trident Maple with root grafts



Black Pine


Victorian Native Bonsai Club Show

On this weekend, April 12 & 13 2014, the Victorian Native Bonsai Club are conducting their inaugural Show.  If you are interested in bonsai, make sure you visit their show at McNab Hall, St Johns Uniting Church, Corner of Mt Alexander Rd and Buckley St Essendon – 10am to 4pm.  They have a very impressive range of over 60 Australian native bonsai on display.  See some examples below.

Port Jackson Fig

Sticky Wattle – Acacia howittii

Callistemon viminalis – “Captain Cook”

Coastal Tea Tree

Eucalyptus nichollii

Banyan Fig

Port Jackson Fig

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