May 2014 Monday Triple Demonstration

The triple demonstration in May was given an innovative and competitive flavour with three teams of Society members asked to style three similar junipers.  To kick off the event, team members were selected and immediately started work on considering how they could style their trees.  The MC for the night kept asking difficult questions about the intended course of action and progress being made.  Members were able to observe both the styling activity and the quality of teamwork as the demonstrators responded to the challenge.  The activity level developed to a frantic pace as the deadline approached to bring the evening to a close.  The three trees were available for sale and were quickly snapped up by team members.

The teams at work

The engaged audience

One of the styled junipers – now looking for a suitable pot.

A great range of trees were also on display and a selection is included below.

Red Pine

Mugo Pine

Cherry – Prunus


Golden Elm





2014 May Saturday Styling Review

The wet weather must have discouraged some members from attending but despite this, there was a good range of trees and issues to discuss.  I am sure those attending learnt a few new things.  A selection of trees reviewed are included below.

Lemon Scented Gum

Ginkho clump


Sageretia threezans

Privet maybe?

Weeping Sticky Wattle

Mugo Pine


Ginkho Group

Atlantic Cedar Group

A before and after – courtesy of computer software.

Black Pine – now
Black Pine – how it might look

2014 April Workshop

In addition to the regular BSV Workshop night, Kevin gave a brief presentation on the Bonsai Convention in Canberra last year and Ian conducted a follow up session with participants in the Beginners class.

Kevin talking about Canberra Bonsai Convention

Ian having a review session with the Beginners Class

Pines for sale

Workshop tree
The display trees looked great and a selection is included below.


Mugo Pine

Tea Tree

Weeping Sticky Wattle

Mugo Pine