2014 June Workshop

The June meeting was a workshop and despite the cold and wet weather, many hardy members bought a wide range of trees to work on.  Experienced members were kept busy providing guidance on tree development.

Members also displayed a range of trees including several under development and at least one facing a major re-design.  See photos below.

Tea Tree

Juniper from last Demonstration

Black Pine


The Hawthorn was collected about 20 years ago. It flowers and fruits regularly. The branches on the small tree swept down on collection so the large tree was styled accordingly. Needs to be tilted slightly to the viewers left on next repot.


English Elm

Tsuga canadensis – Canadian Hemlock

The Hemlock is a very old tree that was grown as a directionless flat multi trunk cascade. Four years ago it was reduced to one cascade trunk. Most of the dead wood was caused by sun scorch so during the summer months it is now kept under shade cloth.

Black Pine

Black Pine

BSV Workshops & Demonstration by Hirotoshi Saitoh in July 2014 – Reminder

If you haven’t already booked a place at the Hiro demonstration on Sunday July 6, now is a good time to do so.  See the Links section below right on this web page to access details and the application form.  Places are also available for Observer and Advanced Critique sessions and there may still be some Workshop opportunities for latecomers.

2014 June Saturday Styling Review

With winter approaching, Members attending the styling review were able to appreciate the structure of a number of deciduous varieties.  To assist in the discussion about styling options for one of the Black Pines, a couple of variants have been developed using digital adjustments.  The original and the variants are included below.

Juniper – from the May demonstration

English Elm Group
Black Pine

Black Pine with digital adjustment

Black Pine with more digital adjustments
Pin Oak

Japanese Maple

Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm – small leaf variety


Mirror Tree

Black Pine