2015 March Three Point Display Discussion

Over 50 BSV Members enjoyed a very entertaining and informative discussion about three point displays and the attributes that contribute to great compositions.  Six BSV members were invited to set up a three point displays and these displays were then used by Joe to review the compositional elements of the display, discuss how they contributed to the strength of impact of the display and offer suggestions about changes that could improve the overall impact of the display.

Photos of the six displays are included below.  Factors that lead to a greater overall pleasing impact of the display composition compared to the individual elements are many and varied.  Some of those highlighted by Joe include:

  • Arrangement of the objects in the display
  • Shape of pots, stands and trees, 
  • Colour of the foliage and other elements, 
  • Height and size of the trees, pots and stands, 
  • Movement of the trees, 
  • Depth in the display
  • Placement of tree on the stand
  • Foliage differences – colour and texture
Joe encouraged members to take the time to consider these and many other factors in developing a more impressive overall composition.

Several trees were also on display and a selection is included below.
Juniper squamata

Ficus – Midnight Beauty

Trident Maple


Agapetes serpens



Mugo Pine

Desert Ash


2015 Sales Day Saturday May 30th 9-30am to 11-30am.

The 2015 BSV Sales Day will be held on Saturday May 30th at the East Kew Uniting Church, 142 Normanby Rd., East Kew, 3102.  (Melways 45H3).  Please note that it will be held on a Saturday and at a new venue.   Buyers will be admitted from 9-30am to 11-30am.  Sellers will need to book a table.  The Table Booking Form can be obtained from the LINKS section below right.

2015 March Saturday Styling Review

Tables were full at the March Saturday meeting as members worked on the styling of their trees.  Below are photos of a selection of interesting trees.

Coastal Tea Tree Group from January BSV Demo.

Red Pine – on the right

Fig – new growth after major trim.

Tea Tree

Juniper squamata

Juniper – Raft style under development

Olive under development