2015 AGM & Tree Critique

The BSV President’s report to the Annual General Meeting, highlighted the successful program of events in 2015 including innovations that have been well received by members.  Finances continue to be sound allowing the Committee to invest in more member benefits.  Fees will remain at the same level for next year.  Many thanks to the Committee and many members for their hard work during the year to create opportunities for members to develop and extend their bonsai art capabilities.
The Society was saddened by the passing of Geoff Vanner during the year.  The Committee will be acknowledging Geoff’s many contributions by awarding a perpetual trophy in his name for the Best in Show tree at each year’s Bonsai Exhibition.
Special thanks were extended to the retiring Committee member Robert R for his valuable contributions to the Committee and the Society.
A warm welcome to new Committee members Steve, Robert M and Howard.
The Frank Hocking Award for 2015 was awarded to Kerry for his many valuable and ongoing contributions to the Society.
After the AGM, several member’s trees were subject to review and discussion by members.  There were many improvement ideas presented, some radical, for consideration by the tree owners.  See a selection of trees below and for one case, a before and after view.

Following the AGM and Critique, members enjoyed a great supper organised by the Committee and members.  You had to be quick to get a taste of Chris’s home made sausage rolls.  A great way to celebrate the end of another successful year and to wish all members a safe and Happy Christmas.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Port Jackson Fig – Ficus rubiginosa

Port Jackson Fig – Ficus rubiginosa

Swamp Paperbark – Melaleuca rhaphiophylla

Banksia integrifolia

Atlantic Cedar ( Cedrus atlantica ) – with Christmas lights

White Pine – Pinus parviflora    Setu – goyo
Port Jackson Fig – Ficus rubiginosa

Port Jackson Fig – Ficus rubiginosa – New front and adjustments
Juniper chinensis var. sargentii

English Elm – Ulmus procera

2015 November Saturday Styling Review & Workshop

With spring growth in full swing, BSV members were keen to get advice on the best options for styling as defoliation and trimming activities proceed.  Several interesting varieties were also on display.  See a selection of trees below with some before and after and suggestions for adjustments.

Fig – defoliated and ready for a trim
Fig – now trimmed

Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm – suggested styling

Black Pine
Black Pine – Suggested adjustments
Chinese Elm – trim suggested to improve taper.

Sour Plum – before

Sour Plum – After

Fig – defoliated and ready for trim

Fig – after trim

Golden Larch – virtual styling review!

Port Jackson Fig Group


Coastal Tea Tree – before

Coastal Tea Tree – after

Japanese Maple Variety

Japanese Maple – before

Japanese Maple – after
Baeckea brevifolia

Baeckea detail
Black Pine – small round pot suggested.