2017 March Styling Demonstration

Hahn Tran from Baloc Nursery was our demonstrator at the March club meeting.
His talk and demonstration focussed on his very expert skills
and techniques that he uses to bend very thick branches to
create wonderful bonsai. His final creations are, to me, redolent
of the yamadori that we are unable to access in Australia.

Before Hahn works on his trees, he stops watering a trees for a
week, as it is easier to manipulate branches and trunks when
they are dry. He prefers to do his heavy bending on very hot
days. He makes sure that the tree is firmly fixed in the pot and
not loose, as this will damage the roots.
Hahn spends a lot of time planning his tree design, exploring a
number of options until he settles on what he considers is the
final design. He then plans the stages of the transition to achieve
that design and throughout the whole process he will always
consider other or better options as they may arise. By doing this
he achieves a better tree design. The process of taking raw plant
stock to a finished product may take a number of years.
img_9387 img_9394
He recommends working slowly never rushing as this is when
breakages occur and you lose sight of the final outcome. Before
bending a branch he manipulates it from the tip back to the
trunk. The manipulation is bending and twisting. This loosens
the fibres in the branch and prepares it for the bending that will
He starts by building the framework or structure of the
tree – the trunk and main branches. This foundation is important.
The refinement of the branches may take some time.
Hahn always ensures that he has a few options while working
especially if a branch breaks as then he will have a fall-back
position. The techniques he displayed using clamps, tourniquet,
guide wires and wiring was very skilled as he demonstrated
his incredible talent and skills.
Hahn has a number of demonstrations on you tube and all are worth watching.
The link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/

A selection of trees on display are included below.


img_9375 img_9374 img_9373