January Club Meeting: Figs

A very well attended meeting with detailed information on successfully growing and maintaining figs from three BSV presenters:

Lou Leman

  • Brought his bonsai from Brisbane. Only lost one in Melbourne due to frost.

  • Defoliate figs to see branch structure more clearly. Trim brutally! Figs will sprout new growth very successfully.

  • It is possible to strip fig leaves quickly by running hand along top of branch when tree is in rough stage. Quick method but may strip new bud growth.

  • Cut and grow method: pinch leaf and then trim halfway. Seems to accelerate growth of new branch.

  • Trim branches back. The harder you cut the more figs like it.

  • Figs like water. If using Dynamic Lifter, just sprinkle lightly. Touch up with Seasol from time to time.

  • Repot figs successfully in November.

Andre Nightingale

Don’t give up on figs, they are very hardy. With water they will revive if looking dead and forgotten.
Cut down to two leaves only left on branch when defoliating.

Tom Cockram

  • Master class. Miniature figs

  • Bunnings ‘sumo wrestler’ figs are not very attractive. Figs need a very bulbous base.

  • Cut off roots at base of bulb and repot. Plant will produce new roots in 2-3 months in Summer.

  • Repot November-February and no later. Roots need chance to regrow before cooler months. No rooting hormone needed.

  • Can buy ‘dead’ stock from Bunnings and reinvigorate with water.

  • Defoliation when leaves are large from November-February.

  • After 7-10 days, the remaining naked tip will shoot a new branch.

  • On sacrifice branches which will help thicken trunk, do not defoliate until branch starts getting too long/thick.

  • Place established mini fig in small pot. If desired allow to develop in larger pot.

  • Get rid of any dominant roots when repotting/trimming

  • Trim any shoots growing straight up, also if two come out of branch opposite each other then trim off one.

  • On mini fig leaves, pinch off sideways.

  • Tom grows many mini figs from cuttings or seedlings. If mini branches grow too leggy, trim them back to just before node.

  • Cut out around beginning of branches, no other growth should be visible.

  • Nip out tips of branches if they get too leggy.