July Club Meeting: Shimpaku Junipers

Styling Shimpaku Juniper

Presented by Hahn Tran

Baloc Bonsai Nursery
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  • Shimpaku junipers are very slow growing.

  • Vigorous trimming of excess foliage and then much bending of branches.

  • Significant wiring of trunk and first branch.

  • Then vigorous wiring of trunk and second branch.

  • Significant bending of wired branches using tool.

  • Trim any foliage that is growing straight up or straight down.

  • Develop pads of foliage and wire with light wire.

  • Because conifers/junipers do not have a lot of roots, when Hahn transfers tree from black plastic pot to small bonsai pot, he does not prune roots too aggressively.

  • Tease off excess dirt with hands and do not take off too much root material.

  • If the foliage turns yellow, take off wire immediately.

  • With pine trees in Melbourne, the more you repot the more you kill the tree.

  • A very vigorous demonstration by Hahn with great shimpaku styling.