Novice Programs

Bonsai Society of Victoria has developed an outstanding program for beginners and novices to bonsai. It is a comprehensive program over three Saturdays which covers all aspects of bonsai to prepare you to understand bonsai, gain knowledge and develop the necessary skills and techniques. The levels of competency and confidence you will acquire through this program will enable participants to successfully enjoy their interest in bonsai.

Upcoming Workshops

BSV Novice Program: Semester 2


Single Session: $60
3 Session Pack: $150

Single Session: $75
3 Session Pack: $200

Instructor: Mark Ludlow

Mark operates the Master Apprentice Bonsai School and Nursery. He has incredible bonsai skill and experience and has been trained in Japan.

Material supplied

  • Students will receive a booklet with comprehensive set of notes for each session.

  • 5 suitable trees to style and design during the program (retail value over $60).

  • Suitable wire and tools for use in practice and wiring of trees.

  • In the notes there will be information about the bonsai styles to be covered.

For more information regarding each workshop session, please see the Novice Program events below.