2014 AGM & Tree Critique

The BSV President's report to the AGM,  highlighted the successful program of events in 2014 including a great range of excellent trees at the Annual Show and the Hiro visit.  Finances continue to be sound.  The 2015 program is well developed and further discussion with members during the meeting about preferred options for some activities was valued input to the Committee.  Many thanks to the Committee and other members for their hard work during the year to create opportunities for members to develop and extend their bonsai art capabilities.

Special thanks were extended to retiring Committee members Steve and Pat for their many years of valuable contributions to the Committee and the Society.  Their efforts are much appreciated.

The Frank Hocking Award for 2014 was awarded to Hanh for his many valuable and ongoing contributions to the Society.

After the AGM, several trees that did not poll well in the Annual Show People's Choice Award were subject to critique.  All trees were considered to be excellent examples of bonsai art but did not receive many votes.  Discussions about the trees explored options for improving the trees.  See examples below and several other trees on display.

Following the AGM and Critique, members enjoyed a great supper organised by the Committee with many excellent contributions by members.  A great way to celebrate the end of another successful year and to wish all members a safe and Happy Christmas.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Kunzea ericoides - lighten top and develop second trunk

Pinus radiata - great trunk shape, tilt a little, new front?

Pinus halepensis - grow similar to Black Pine but a bit later to remove candles

Black Pine - nishiki - a smaller pot?

Trident Maple - great movement

Bougainvillea glabra 

Some of the other trees on display are shown below.

Black Pine


Acer tsumagaki 

Chinese Elm
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