2014 BSV Bonsai Exhibition & Prizes

Once again, Bonsai Society Members have risen to the challenge and contributed to an excellent display of bonsai in this year's Exhibition.  There were 74 great examples of bonsai art on display.  Also, many thanks to the many helpers to set up and dismantle the exhibition space, answering visitors questions and staffing the sales tables and the many other activities that are necessary to keep the Exhibition running smoothly.  Your contributions are very much appreciated.

The winner of the bonsai judged to be the Best in Show tree was Quentin with his Black Pine.  See photos below of the tree and its artist.  It was tree number 70 in the Catalogue.

Pinus thunbergii

Visitors to the Exhibition were also invited to vote for their favourite tree and after lots of vote counting, Gerard's Juniper was awarded with the People's Choice Award.  It was tree number 11 in the catalogue.  Photos of the tree and its artist are included below.

Juniperus squamata

Well done by Quentin and Gerard.  Great trees very well presented.
See photos of the Exhibition space below.

Included below are photos of a selection of bonsai that polled well in the People's Choice Award.  They reflect the overall quality of trees on display.  There is also a photo of the Black Pine used in our promotional material looking resplendent in its new pot and a couple of views of one of the suiseki stones on display.
Hinoki Cypress


Mini Display

Cork Oak

Swamp Cypress

Sticky Wattle

Suiseki - alternate view
Golden lace Wattle

Monterey Pine

Black Pine - Show Promotional tree in a new pot.

Dawn Redwood

Chinese Elm

Port Jackson Fig
Port Jackson Fig with black background