2014 July Demonstration by Tony Bebb

As part of the AABC Visiting Tutor Program, Tony Bebb flew down from Queensland to conduct the July demonstration and was welcomed by a big crowd of members looking forward to an entertaining and informative evening.  Tony did not disappoint them.  For the demonstration,  Tony was styling a local Scotts Pine that was estimated to be about 60 years old but had suffered significant damage on one side.  See photos below.

Scotts Pine before work started.

A different angle

First, Tony talked about the various features of the tree and how they would influence the style that would be used.  The tree is strong and healthy but has a very straight trunk, the roots are one-sided and foliage has been decimated on one side.  This type of pine has a natural upright growth pattern so it is decided that the tree should be kept upright and styled to tell its story.  Selection of the front was influenced by many factors and Tony reviewed all these.  One of Tony's rules was that the "best tree view is the one that greets you".  That is, arms open and head leaning towards you.  Having made these important decisions, it was time to get to work and big decisions are made about the branches.  See below.

Tony has made some important commitments to the selected style and is moving on with the design.
Now on to the wiring and bending and another one of Tony's rules.  "Bend with maximum force and minimum velocity".
Help with the wiring
And after lots of tree wisdom, cutting, wiring and bending, the final tree is revealed.
Scotts Pine styled by Tony Bebb
Tree detail
Many thanks to Tony for an entertaining and very informative demonstration.  Society members learnt a lot.
Several Member trees were also on display and a selection is included below.
Black Pine

Buxus harlandii

Nishiki Black Pine

Chinese Elm - Ulmus parvifolia ‘Davidii'


Chaenomeles japonica


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