2014 July Saturday Styling Review

On a wet and cold Saturday, a select group of BSV members gathered to review the styling of several magnificent and developing bonsai.  See below for examples of the activities.

Twin Trunk Black Pine

It was first styled in July 1998 from nursery stock. Only very rudimentary primary branches were set in place at that time. The tree was then sold at auction and kept compact by regular cutting back but no refinement was done.

About 8 years ago the tree had a major overhaul. The upper trunk was bent down significantly and some major branches were removed. Primary and secondary branches were set in place. Since that time tertiary branches have been developed and needle length techniques have been applied to the tree. These have allowed the tree to reach its current level of refinement.

The tree is about 1 metre high.

Earlier photo
As presented on Saturday

Part of lower branch removed - digitally of course.

All of lower branch digitally removed

And now for a bit of history!!

The same tree!!  July 1998 just prior to a demonstration.

July 1998 after the Hiro demonstration and happy helpers.
We hope the above sequence illustrates the thinking behind considering options to refine an already well respected bonsai.  May your bonsai journey deliver another gem like this one!!
Here are more trees with before and after considerations.
Juniper after Hiro styling

Same Juniper with digital adjustments
Japanese White Pine
Same tree with branch digitally removed.

Further digital adjustments to test styling options.


Pine with digital adjustments

Below is the same tree in 2010 after a styling demonstration with Hiro.

A selection of other trees being considered for styling are included below.

Black Pine


Black Pine

Daimyo Oak

Blue Cedar

Trident Maple


Corky Bark Black Pine
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