2015 January Meeting - Australian Native Trees

The first BSV meeting for 2015 focussed on native Australian trees and a large group of members were there to enjoy the interesting and informative discussion.  The two demonstrations covered defoliation of a Banksia and setting up a group planting of Coastal Tea Trees.  Concurrently, a wide selection of Australian native trees were being critiqued and styling and growing approaches for a range of different varieties were discussed.

Demonstration and Critiques in progress.
Banksia before defoliation and wiring
Banksia after defoliation and wiring

A selection of the discussion points included

  • Coastal Tea tree - Foliage pads can improve the appearance.  Back budding on bare wood is possible.  Cascades seem to grow well.  Wiring can be applied but be very gentle and slow with big branches.  November probably best for repotting but can be done throughout the year if weather extremes are avoided.
  • Eucalypts - wiring and manipulation can assist back budding,  some species mainly shoot from the base rather than the area where a cut was made and be flexible with the styling as branches do die back from time to time.
  • Banksia - defoliation or partial defoliation can reduce leaf size.
  • Melaleucas - are considered to be good subjects for bonsai.
  • Fertiliser - many native plants will survive well on the same fertiliser regime as european varieties but tread warily as some varieties( e.g. banksia) need the native varieties of fertiliser.
Photos of a selection of trees on display and being critiqued are included below.
Angophora costata

Acacia cognata
Prickly Paperbark

Port Jackson Fig

Lemon Scented Tea Tree

Eucalyptus nicholii

Melaleuca bracteata

Coastal Tea Tree Group

Bunya Pine Group - gloves required!!

Banksia integrifolia

Port Jackson Fig

Red Box

Moreton Bay Figs
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