2015 July Meeting - Hugh Grant Demonstration

On a cold July night, BSV welcomed Hugh Grant to conduct a styling demonstration on Ray's Black Pine.  Hugh hails from NSW, has been studying Fine Arts and offers bonsai services through his Bonsai Evolution Studio.  Before and after photos of the Black Pine are included below along with other photos of Hugh and the tree.

During the course of the demonstration, Hugh shared many of his views on various aspects of bonsai.  Some of these are listed below:

*  Allow the tree to take the shape it offers.
*  Approach the structure of the tree first and then do the fine wiring.
*  Prefers guy wires rather than heavy wire.
*  Be aware of the horticulture of each species you are working on.
*  There is a lot of bonsai and horticultural information available on the web.
*  Dig hot spots can often be found on cliffs where housing is proposed.

Demonstration tree Black Pine - Before
Hugh at work

Wiring assistance

Fine tuning
Black Pine - after
Hugh Grant with the finished tree.

Photos of a selection of members display trees are shown below.

Black Pine

Black Pine

Mugo Pine

Black Pine

Manchurian Pear

Black Pine

Juniper squamata

Dawn Redwood