2015 June Saturday Styling Review & Workshop

A wide variety of trees were presented for Styling review and most are included below.  Some illustrate before and after photos and some adjustments have been made digitally, to help Members consider proposed changes.  A very productive afternoon was had by all.
Chinese Elm - before adjustment

Cinese Elm - after adjustment

Acer japonica - exploring options for this big leaf variety

Mirror Bush - before adjustment

Mirror Bush - after adjustment

Trident maple - remove a trunk or add one?

Black Pine

Black Pine option

Black Pine option - LH branches digitally removed

Crepe Myrtle - before adjustment

Crepe Myrtle - after adjustment


Ivy - before haircut

Ivy - after haircut

Trident Maple - most root grafts digitally removed

Trident Maple - current front

Trident Maple - proposed front


Black Pine

Small Black Pine

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