2016 Bonsai Society Annual Exhibition - Prize winners

On the 8 and 9 October, the Bonsai Society of Victoria welcomed the public and bonsai enthusiasts to the Box Hill Town Hall to view an excellent range of bonsai grown and styled by its members.  Trees, pots and other bonsai accessories were also on sale.Many thanks to all the members and service providers for their assistance in setting up, running and dismantling the Exhibition and to all the visitors for their interest and support.Best Tree in the Show was judged to be tree number 72.  A Mirror Bush displayed by Quentin.  The tree was collected as a stump in 1991 and has been in training and refinement since then.  This tree is also commonly referred to as a Yamadori in Japan which is a term used to refer to trees collected in the mountains or more likely to be in the wild in Australia.  Congratulations to Quentin for an excellent example of bonsai art.  See the photo below.Tree #72 - Mirror Bush - Coprosma repens Quentin has obviously been very busy refining his trees as his English Elm, Tree # 69, won the Public Choice Award for 2016.  This Award is based on votes for their favourite tree by those attending the Exhibition.  It must have been a very busy year in 1991 as this tree was also a collected as a Yamadori in that year.  Well done Quentin.p1180703p1180705 A random selection of other trees on display are included below.  All these trees had numbers ending with 5! #15 Gingko #45 Sargents Juniper#5 Burgan #65 Himalayan Cedar#75 Swamp Paperbark#25 Japanese White Pine#35 English Oak#55 Moreton Bay Fig