2016 February Meeting - Workshop

The BSV February meeting was a workshop run along similar lines to the Saturday Workshops.  Members were able to work on their trees, seek advice from other members and also have their tree reviewed by the group as a whole.  Photos of a selection of bonsai reviewed at the meeting with some before and after perspectives are included below.  Photos of display trees are also included below.

Kunzia or Tea Tree?

Trident Maple

Black She-Oak - Allocasuarina littoralis - Original Front

Black She-Oak - Allocasuarina littoralis - Proposed Front

Fuchsia - Original front

Fuchsia - Proposed front

Banyan Fig over rock


Picea smithiana

Chinese Elm - Before Adjustment

Chinese Elm - After Adjustment

Cedrus deodara
Photos of display trees are included below.
Japanese Red Pine

Mugo Pine

Manchurian Pear

English Box

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