2016 February Saturday Styling Review & Workshop

The February Workshop was an absolute hive of activity as BSV Members were out and about on a warm sunny day.  Lots of trees to work on, plenty of styling reviews and constant background chatter as new options were considered and implemented.  A selection of photos illustrating this activity is included below.

Maritime Pine - Pinus pinaster

Trident Maple

Sheoak - Before Adjustment

Sheoak - After Adjustment

Crepe Myrtle in flower

Black Pine - Nishiki
Black Pine - Nishiki - After Adjustment

Moreton Bay Fig - Before

Moreton Bay Fig - After

Huon Pine

English Elm

Port Jackson Fig - Before

Port Jackson Fig - After

Melaleuca bracteata "Gold Gem" - after a recent haircut! - there are shoots on it.

Chinese Elm Wild - Before

Chinese Elm Tamed - After
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