Monthly meeting 28.03.11

This meeting we were treated to a triple demonstration that turned into a quadruple demo!

A variety of material was worked on, styled and talked about. We saw Gerrard unwire a juniper that had undergone a heavy re-style and he then began to prepare it for show.
Sally and quentin worked on a juniper and after some heavy bending ended up with a very dramatic result.
Tony enlightened the crowed on his ideas about styling broom style trees in a more natural fashion and used some of his own trees as examples.
Pat and Joe worked on a cascade juniper that became a much more compact semi cascade tree.

All in all it was an excellent night and i am sure that the crowd that was in attendance got as much out of it as i did. The year is really starting strongly and makes me look forward to the coming meetings. I hope to see you all then!

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