Tree Identification Quiz

For those of you waiting anxiously to check the identities of trees shown in the last post, included below are the common and botanical names.  We hope you enjoyed the challenge and managed to get correct answers.

2.            Pseudocydonia sinensis                  Chinese Quince

5.            Quercus suber                                 Cork Oak

7.            Schefflera actinophylla                    Dwarf Umbrella Tree

9.            Pinus radiata                                    Radiata Pine

11.            Leucopogon parviflorus                Coast Beard-Heath

12.            Melaleuca armillaris                       Bracelet Honey-Myrtle

13.            Juniper squamata                            Himalayan Juniper

14.            Microcachrys tetragona                   Strawberry Pine

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