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Annual General Meeting
7:30 PM19:30

Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of year for our Annual General Meeting.

This is an opportunity for the Committee:

  • to report to BSV club members of the operations and activities of the BSV of the previous twelve months,

  • to present the financial report of the previous year, and,

  • to conduct an election for all committee positions.

All committee positions are declared vacant and need to be filled. A nomination form is attached and needs to be with the Secretary by 6.00pm Friday, 23rd August.

Two of our Committee members are standing down due to other commitments and pursuits which creates vacancies that need to be filled. As we have vacancies we hope you are able to consider being part of our committee. There is always room for more.

Please consider nominating for the committee. You will find it an enjoyable experience that allows you the opportunity to shape and develop the BSV into the club that meets your needs and the needs of all club members.

It is your club and the fresh ideas that new members bring to the table is necessary for the club to maintain and further improve the activities that are on offer. Please give this your serious consideration.

If you are considering nominating for committee and require information, please contact any of the current committee members or me for information. The returning Officer will be Howard Woodall.

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Junipers with Hahn Tran
7:30 PM19:30

Junipers with Hahn Tran

Juniper Demonstration

Presented by Hahn Tran

Hahn is an experienced Nurseryman and an experienced bonsai grower. Hahn has previously demonstrated to us his techniques of wiring and bending pine trees with dramatic effect. His skill was demonstrated at the AAB conference recently and his technique has always amazed visiting bonsai masters. Hahn also has many filmed demonstrations on YouTube.

Monday’s demonstration is to work with some raw untrained Shimpaku juniper and create a bonsai. This particular Shimpaku has a finer and denser foliage which will create better foliage pads once established.

What we will see will be the processes used in styling a tree and in selecting the trunk line, branches and then wiring. A wonderful opportunity for us to view this process to reinforce our developing techniques and skills. This will be an excellent demonstration especially for all the novices and newer members.

I asked Hahn to bring along some Shimpaku to enable you to purchase a tree. He had some beautiful buxus which appears to be Kingsville box and a few will also be available on the trading table.

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